Winners of the Refer-and-Win Competition of September 2022 Announced

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Helloooo Great Warriors!

How has it been this past few weeks and how are you gearing up for the end of the year?

Today we are glad to announce the winners of the just concluded Refer-and-Win contest which ended on the last day of September 2022.

As recorded on the leaderboard, here are the top three winners:

Big Congratulations and well done to them for putting in the effort.

They have won the following prizes:

  • Okunwa Kenneth: N20,000 (approx. $30)
  • Deggy: N5,000 (approx. $8)
  • mohammed Yusuf Hassan: N3,000 (approx. $5)

The three winners above should kindly contact DearTiti Support using their Deartiti email and provide their bank account for their prizes to be sent.

The full Top List will be given at the end of this message. We appreciate each and everyone who put in effort, irrespective of how many people you were able to refer.

Our Observations

According to our previous plans, we intended to make this Refer-and-Win competition a regular one every month or every two months but the performance of this first edition was below our expectation.

While there were a few persons who took it seriously and put in a lot of effort, the data shows that more than 90% of members did not participate.

Considering the fact that the ultimate goal of these contests is to grow our community by bringing in new members, it appears that the just concluded Refer-and-Win competition has not been very effective.

Remember we are still testing out different techniques and strategies for attracting new members and we have decided to put a hold on any new contests for now and instead channel the prize money to advertising.

Therefore, for the rest of this year 2022 we shall not be holding any new contests (this does not affect the Small Business Grants program which is still ongoing).

Finally, we want to encourage everyone who believes in this project to stay strong. Though things may seem to be moving slowly, a lot is happening in the background. Remember this is meant to be a very long term project that will span years and decades and we are only at the very beginning of the journey.

There are exciting times ahead with lots of great things planned so keep earning your pre-mined cryptocurrencies and referring new members so that the community will grow fast, while we continue to work on the ecosystem substructure in the background.


Here is the full list of referrers in the Refer-to-Win competition of September 2022 (Only six people were able to refer at least one new member, we appreciate you all) :


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That’s all for now, warriors.

Stay strong and keep spreading the word!

ADs (do your own research):

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We will surely believe in our awesome deartiti, and there are really exciting times ahead for us all 🤑👍
I’m shocked that more than 90% didn’t participate 😔
Please let’s all work together and grow together 🙏
Let’s keep sharing the word no matter what.
May God bless our Deartiti and it’s users.

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

May God bless DearTiti for developing this project

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

I gave my account info yet no responds?